Maia L.

Tour Guide at Bishop's University


Class of 2021

Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada

Major: Political Studies

Secondary Major: International Studies

What's your favorite thing to do in Sherbrooke?

Get bubble tea with friends at 5ieme Saison! Or explore some of the many trails around campus.

What's your favourite class at Bishop's?

Definitely Introduction to International Relations! It's super interesting, and gives a great base for everything else you'll learn for a Political or International Studies degree.

How have you changed since becoming a Gaiter?

I've become more confident and more outgoing - I'll sign up for pretty much any event!

Why did you choose Bishop's?

I wanted a small school where I would be able to get to know my professors and have small class sizes. I chose Bishop's because it has all of that, and even though its small, it is a ton of incredible opportunities to take advantage of.

I'm involved with...

Political Science/International Relations Society
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